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Sympatec particle counters & analyzers

General features

Sympatec GmbH, having an experience of more than 33 years, is a leader worldwide manufacturer of Particle Size Analyzers according to Laser Diffraction (LD), Ultrasonic Extinction (UE), Photon Cross Correlation Spectroscopy (PCCS) and Image Analysis techniques.

Special features

Some of the unique features of Sympatec GmbH analyzers:

  • Particle Size Analyzers available in the range of 0.01μm to 30000μm.
  • Particle size and distribution analysis of dry powders without needing to dissolve them in a liquid media.
  • Analyzers dedicated to Laboratory use (off line) and to Production processes (on-line, at-line, in-line).
  • Availability of special particle size and distribution analyzers for sprayers and inhalers suitable for pharma applications.

The application field of the Particle Size Analyzers is industries of pharma, mineral, fertilizers, cement, cosmetics, food (coffee, dry milk, tee), paints, plastics, aluminium, petroleum products, petrochemical etc. The particle analysis is also useful to drinkable water treatment and refinery and in general in every application and process where the particle size and shape analysis is crucial.

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