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Technical Support

Spare parts

Our company’s spare parts stock as well as the flexibility in order processing ensures the minimum down time of the instrument due to a malfunction.


Our Service Support Team, having a fully trained and experienced staff, undertakes the installation of your new equipment which starts by sending you all the required pre-installation manuals. This ensures that the installation will be fast and successful since all the necessary requirements will be already been covered (power supply, water and gases supplies, exhaust systems, UPS, PC’s etc).

Our company may also undertake any re-installation or upgrade of your old instruments, according to your needs.

Customers training

We strongly believe in ALS that the successful and safe use of an analytical instrument is directly depending on the user’s  training and knowledge. That’s why, one of our principial aims is the integral training of our customers. We never do any compromise in the time needed to complete our customer’s training. Success and safety are based on the knowledge.

Our company also undertakes any request regarding new users training on the instruments we represent.

Service Contracts

In order to get more benefits from our company’s technical / scientific support we offer the option of a service contract which will carry out priority service visits, free of charge preventive maintenance as well as special prices for spare parts and consumables.

Instruments Repair

At your service call, the response time of our Service Team usually do not exceeds one working day. This ensures the fast and effective recovery of your instrument.

Scientific Support

Methods & Applications Development

The Scientific Support Team of our company takes responsibility of developing analytical methods and applications either after the installation of your new instrument or later. Being continuously in contact with the relevant departments of the brands we represent, as well as the frequent training of our staff  ensures the full coverage of your analytical needs, according to all known international norms (EN, EPA, ASTM etc.)

Customers seminars

Our company organizes FREE customer seminars to update to new technologies and applications. These seminars also create a society of information for analytical instruments users.