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Production process Sympatec instruments

Particle size analysis of an industrial production line can be accomplished by different arrangements of the equipment:

  • in-line: Sampler, disperser, and/or sensor are mounted in the production line. A partial flow of particles needed for the analysis is guided through the dispersing system and always recycled into the main production flow.
  • on-line: Disperser and sensor are outside of the production line but close and directly coupled. A partial flow is fed through the disperser and either recycled or disposed of.
  • at-line: Samples are taken from the production by a customer-specific sampler, transported and fed into a stand-alone setup of disperser and sensor, e.g. by a robot. This arrangement represents an indirect coupling of the particle sizing equipment to the process.

Sympatec GmbH offers the measuring principles of Laser Diffraction, Image Analysis, and Ultrasonic Extinction in robust design and a variety of arrangements for process applications.

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