The company

ALS ANALYTICAL LABORATORY SYSTEMS SA is active since 2000 in sales, installation,  support (technical & scientific) of analytical instruments and laboratory equipment, covering all the fields of chemical analysis as well as the full range of the relevant applications.

The company is ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 accredited by European Quality Assurance Hellas and has the necessary infrastructure to train customers and develop methods / applications for them.

ALS SA is representing officially leading instrument manufacturers such as AnalytikJena (Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy, Elemental & Specific Analyzers (C, N, S, Cl, TOC/TNb, AOX, TOX, EOX, water determination Karl Fischer method), Milestone (apparatus for Microwave Digestion, Extraction & Pyrolysis, Clean Chemistry systems & Direct Mercury Αnalyzers), Chromatec (Gas Chromatographs & Mass Spectrometers), Stanhope-Seta (Apparatus for fuel analysis), Sympatec (Laser Diffraction Particle Size & Distribution Analyzers), Thermofischer Sci. – Haake / Neslab (Chillers & Immersion coolers, Viscometers & Rheometers, Extruders),  OXFORD Instruments (NMR Spectrometers), Froilabo (Freezers, CEPA Centrifuges), Analytical Spectral Devices ASD Inc. (Portable & Laboratory NIR), SciAps (handheld analyzers LIBS, spectroscopy XRF & Raman), i-Fischer Engineering (Pilot plant Distillation units), PharmaTest (Dissolution Testers, friability testers, etc.), Teledyne Analytical Instruments (Portable & Laboratory Analyzers, Sensors and Special Photometers), Labo Inc. (circulating water baths, cooling and heating systems), LAARMANN (Grinders & Mills, Crushers, Test Sieves, Drying Ovens), LabTech (water chillers, rotary evaporators, cooling systems), Glass Expansion (ICPOES & ICPMS consumables & supplies), HICHROM (GC & HPLC consumables & supplies), etc.

Our company’s experienced and qualified personnel (chemists, chemical engineers, electronics and automation engineers), being trained very frequently at the manufacturers’ plants, provide our customers with a high quality full after-sales support in order to fulfill all their analytical needs. The whole ALS SA staff has a long-term presence in the Greek market, for more than 25 years, being able to fully support our whole sales product line.

Our customers belong to both public and private sector, and cover the whole range of applications (pharmaceuticals, foods & beverages, petrochemicals, environmental, research & contract laboratories, academic, biotechnology, molecular biology, etc.).

Our company’s mission is “the total customer’s support & satisfaction” from the day of the initial inquiry for a certain product till its replacement with a new one.