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Water Purification Systems

SUEZ Water Purification Systems Ltd (formerly Purite Ltd.) manufactures, installs and services standard and custom-built water purification systems for use in laboratory, healthcare and industrial applications. The company offers unrivalled design and engineering resources and experience in a wide range of water purification technologies.

Laboratory Water Purification Systems

Easy to use systems that deliver the quality and quantity of water you need

With SUEZ laboratory water purification systems:

  • Guarantee the quality of water required for your lab application
  • Upgrade existing systems from any supplier to the latest specially developed systems
  • Get flexible servicing and maintenance services
  • ECO Option is an intelligent standby option available for selected laboratory units to help you recover up to 50% of water and save energy
  • WiFi connectivity available on Select water purification systems

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Healthcare Water Purification Systems

Accredited & reliable healthcare water purification systems

With an installed base in hospitals, private organizations and laboratories around the world, we’re the leading supplier of advanced life sciences and healthcare water purification systems. We offer solutions for renal dialysis, including compact systems for home use and high volume systems for multi-bed wards, plus advanced water purification systems for clinical analyser feed, decontamination and sterile services departments.

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Industrial Water Purification Systems

Advanced industrial water purification technology

SUEZ Water Purification Systems Ltd designs, manufactures, installs and supports custom engineered water purification systems for use throughout industry. Its expertise spans raw water supply, boiler feed, cooling water, water for process, CIP and SIP, greywater recycling and wastewater disposal, in low and high volume applications, and with water quality to 18.2 MW.cm.

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Water Purification System Accessories

Cleaning systems and delivery pumps for any system

There is a wide range of accessories for the chemical cleaning of reverse osmosis systems and sanitization of distribution systems. The mini Pure Water Boost Pump is an on demand, delivery pump which can be used with any pure water system.

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