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Permeability (Barrier) Testers

Ιδιότητες φραγμού

The gas permeability of plastic films, well known as barrier property, is of primary importance in food and pharmaceutical packaging. In fact the capability to preserve the content of the packaging from the contact with air is fundamental for a right and healthy shelf-life of the products.
ExtraSolution’s Perm Line includes instruments for testing oxygen permeability (O2TR), water vapour (WVTR) permeability and carbon dioxide permeability (CO2TR). The instruments are produced in close cooperation with some leader sector companies, with a special care in matching the needs of the industrial R&D and the quality control labs.

All the ExtraSolution instruments®:

  • Are completely automated and have a high working simplicity
  • Do not need preliminary preparation of the sample to carry out the analysis
  • Automatically regulate the temperature with a stability of ±0.1 C and relative humidity
  • Automatically set the carrier flow depending on the sensitivity required
  • Show the results in standard units: cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (O2 & CO2 film), gr·m-2·24h-1 (H2O film), cm3·24h-1·bar-1 (O2 & CO2 package)
  • Are equipped with PC and LCD 17” display
  • Save a continuous data back-up to the disk and can recover measurements even with a black-out
  • Save the final data and report both in text format as well as in HTML for an easy communication of the results via Internet
  • Stop automatically when measurement operations have finished

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