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It is a great pleasure and honor for ALS SA, official dealer of AnalytikJena in Greece, to announce the successful installation of the first PlasmaQuant MS® at Biomedicine Group of Health Companies R&D – Analytical Laboratory in Ampelokipi-Athens. Biomedicine Group was established in 1981 and is the leader provider of medical services on primary health care in Greece.

It is the first installation of an ICPMS system in the field of health care in our country. The PlasmaQuant MS® is by far the best single Quadrupole ICPMS system worldwide in terms of sensitivity, resolution and stability. Furthermore, the Argon consumption is the half compared to competitive instruments. It is intended to be used for elemental analysis in human serum, blood, urine and water.

Read more about PlasmaQuant MS® and PlasmaQuant MS® Elite at: 

https://www.alssa.gr/en/products/atomic-absorption-plasma-emission/ and https://www.analytik-jena.de/en/analytical-instrumentation/products/mass-spectrometry.html