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Ethos X Milestone Microwave Extraction

Extraction apparatus, model ETHOS X,  with 70 liters cavity volume, a maximum power of 1900W with two working magnetron sources. A wide variety of rotors depending on the application, the temperature and pressure conditions, the volume and the number of the samples. Three available models: Extraction for Organic Pollutants, Fat Determination in Food Samples, Extraction of Natural Products


Sepaths UP is designed for both cartridge and disk applications to treat samples with different volume. It can be applied to extract trace organic compounds from drinking water, surface water, ground water, food, beverage and other samples. Sepaths UP automatically treats from1 to 12 same or different samples, through the whole treatment process, including condition, sample loading, rinsing, elution and concentration. It is a closed system able to completely remove solvent vapours trough the included exhaust line.


SepLine-S automated solid phase extractor is the result of latest liquid-solid extraction techniques and mass chromatography highest requirements in terms of sensitivity and reproducibility. Largely used in environmental protection, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, clinical, life sciences and other applications thanks to its flexibility. SepLine-S series includes three models: Single, Dual and Four-channels. Condition, sample loading, rinsing and elution steps are processed automatically by software according to user needs. A unique low-pressure sealing technology accurately controls the liquid flow through the syringe and avoid cross contamination . Multi-channel mode improves the efficiency of the SPE method and guarantees reproducibility and stability of sample pre-treatment.


SPE Process control of the flow rate is critical to guarantee reproducible extractions. Differently than any other systems, LabTech WSPE vacuum manifold installs a patented valve system able to grant precise flow control through each cartridge. WSPE vacuum manifolds allows users to process up to 12 (WSPE12) or 24 (WSPE24) samples simultaneously.


Differently than any other systems, the LabTech WSPE vacuum manifold features a patented valve system able to grant precise fl ow control through each cartridge. The WSPE vacuum manifolds allow to process up to 12 (WSPE12) or 24 (WSPE24) samples simultaneously.