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High power up to 1900W digestion apparatus with two magnetrons, operating  in atmospheric, middle or under high pressure (two models, ETHOS UP & ETHOS Easy, ETHOS Lean). Large cavity volume of 70lt,  high quality safety standards & contact less recording of the temperature in all sample vessels (EasyTemp). A wide variety rotor selection depending on the application, the temperature and pressure conditions, the volume and the number of the samples, up to 44 positions!

UltraWAVE 1,2,3

A new Patented high power 1500W digestion system under high pressure up to 199bar, from 4 to 22 sample positions ability. No special sampling vessels are needed, just classic test tubes, glass or quartz. It is able to handle samples that demand a different digestion chemistry in the same RUN, under the same pressure and temperature.


A revolutionary digestion system in Ultraclave for ultra fast and high performance reactions and sampling ability up to 77 positions.

Pilot Reactors and Organic Synthesis


Advanced flexible microwave synthesis platform for research and educational purposes but also for routine procedures, built on the flexible genius platform flexiWAVE. Configuration ability for a solid phase reactor SPMR (solid Phase Microwave Reactor).


The new Milestone SynthWAVE is designed for safe, reliable and reproducible scale-up of microwave-enhanced chemical reactions!

Clean Chemistry

DuoPUR and SubPUR

Quartz sub-boiling distillation system

  • Up to 90% cost saving of ultra-pure acids
  • High productivity
  • On-demand acid purification


Acid steam cleaning system

  • Best cleaning quality of your TFM, glass and quartz parts
  • No operator’s exposure to acid vapors
  • Fast, convenient and fully automated


PTFE sub-boiling distillation system

  • Suitable for the purification of HF, as well as for HNO3 and HCl
  • Easy-to-use
  • No need for cooling water or chiller