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Webinar Invitation by Analytik Jena!

Analysis of Beverages in Industrial Quality Control

The industrial production is a big challenge for the chemical and
biological analysis of consumer products such as beverages. Along the
long production chain, a lot of potential contamination can happen. The
food industry has to put a lot of effort into establishing quality control
and safety analysis mechanisms. The industry needs methods that are
reliable, economically viable and integrate naturally into the chain of
production. Which methods of analysis can do that?

In this FREE webinar Analytik Jena is highlighting analytical methods for the reliable and efficient determination of various elements, elemental
species, TOC (Total Organic Carbon) and CO2 from wine, beer, water and
juice samples. There are also solutions for the determination of some
quality criteria like color. Next to the chemical analysis portfolio, Analytik
Jena will be presenting some molecular/biological analysis solutions for
modern day QC labs as well.

Date: July 26, 2018
Time: 10 am CET
Language: English
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