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It’s a great pleasure and honor for us to announce the official cooperation between ALS and CHROMATEC, the leader Russian manufacturer of Gas Chromatography systems (GC) and Mass Spectrometry instruments (GC-MS).

The company name CHROMATEC comes from the words CHROMATography and ECology.

The company was established in 1991 by group of engineers experienced in gas chromatographic field. Chromatec team aims to satisfy customers’ expectations by creating top quality products and services, providing key solutions in various applications, widening product portfolio, constant improving results. Thanks to such activity for many years Chromatec became one of the leaders in gas chromatography on Russian and CIS market.

Nowadays Chromatec has above 300 skilled engineers, researchers and production workers of different types. Owing to close collaboration of designers, technologists, programmers, service and production personnel we permanently develop our company, improve quality of products and services.

Company is located in three own buildings occupying area over 12200 m2. There are offices, R&D center, service support, manufacturing facilities.

The portfolio of the company includes:

  • Laboratory GC and GC-MS systems Chromatec-Crystal series.
  • Chromatography Petroleum analyzers
  • Pure Hydrogen and clean air generators
  • Process GC systems
  • Liquid and gaseous autosamplers for gas chromatography
  • Manual and automated HeadSpace systems
  • Thermal Desorbers
  • Wide range of supplementary GC products etc.

The company provides key solutions for a wide range of analytical needs in the field of the Environment, Food, Forensic, Industry, Oil & Gas and Pharma industry.

ISO 9001 Quality System is fully implemented throughout each of the stage: development, manufacture and service of products.

The company has a CE mark certificate for all the products.

See CHROMATEC’s products in our web site page.

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