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UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

Analytik Jena

The series SPECORD® covers the range from high-performance real double-beam instruments with Cooled Double Detection (CCD) to high power diode-array systems for simultaneous high speed measurement and spectrophotometer using Split-Beam-Technology (SBT).

Double Beam

SPECORD® 50, 200, 210, 250 PLUS

SPECORD® PLUS means reliability, user friendliness and flexibility for precise, very easy and versatile UV/Vis analysis.


SPECORD® 210 PLUS Powerful double-beam system with 4-fold variable slit width

SPECORD® 200 PLUS Powerful double-beam system with fixed slit width


Especially in UV/Vis spectroscopy, it is essential to have a wide range of accessories that make your spectrophotometer applicable to many different kinds of analytical jobs and provide further automation. Whether cell holders, cell changers, flowcell systems, reflectance accessories or fiber coupling – choose the right system for your individual analytical needs.[/one_third]