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Mercury Analyzers

DMA-80 evo

The DMA-80 evo is based on the same principle as the DMA-1. It has a 40 positions built-in Autosampler for liquid and solid samples while it can analyze also gaseous samples using special adsorption micro-traps. The high end model with equipped with Tricell and a double beam optical system provides the superb and impressive detection limit of 0.0003 ng Hg only in 5-6 minutes analysis and without any need of sample preparation. It is fully compliant with US EPA Method 7473, ASTM method D-6722-01 and D-7623-10


The DMA-1 is a Direct mercury analyzer for solid, liquid and gas samples. It is based on the principles of sample thermal decomposition, mercury amalgamation and atomic absorption detection (AAS). It is extremely easy to use: just weigh your sample, load it onto the instrument and press ‘start’. Analysis time in 5 minutes only for a single sample! The detection limit is 0.003 ng Hg.