Mercury Analyzers


The DMA-1 is a Direct mercury analyzer for solid, liquid and gas samples. It is based on the principles of sample thermal decomposition, mercury amalgamation and atomic absorption detection (AAS). It is extremely easy to use: just weigh your sample, load it onto the instrument and press ‘start’. Analysis time in 5 minutes only for a single sample! The detection limit is 0.003 ng Hg.

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The DMA-80 is based on the same principle as the DMA-1. It has a 40 positions built-in Autosampler for liquid and solid samples while it can analyze also gaseous samples using special adsorption micro-traps. It is configured in three models, DMA-80 Wide Range, DMA-80 Dual Cell and DMA-80 Tri Cell, providing a detection limit down to 0.001 ng Hg and a linear range up to 30000 ng Hg. 

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The FMA-80 detects mercury contents in solutions by atomic fluorescence (AFS).
This technique differs from the more conventional AAS technique in that it is more sensitive, more selective, and is linear over a wide range of concentrations.
However, AAS instead works better for more complex matrices, as it suffers less from interferences.
The FMA-80 is a very flexible working platform as it can be chosen in different configurations: AFS only or combination of AFS and AAS, depending on your application.

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