Disintegration-Hardness-Friability Testers

Pharma Test provides a full range of Disintegration, Hardness and Friability testers which are useful to every pharmaceutical analytical laboratory. All the devices are fully compliant to European & US Pharmacopoeia and are manufactured according to GMP guidelines.

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Disintegration testers

All the apparatus are fully compliant to USP 701/2040 and EP 2.9.1/ Test A and B. They are manufactured by stainless steel according to the GMP demands. Stations from one to four possitions are available.

Hardness testers

General features

  • All Pharma Test tablet hardness testing instruments are fully USP 1217 and EP 2.9.8 compliant
  • Hardness only and „3 in 1“ instruments are available
  • Ampoule breakpoint testing solutions available
  • PT-MT3 provides and independent means of qualification

Friability testers

Friability testing is used to test the durability of tablets during transit. General features:

  • All Pharma Test tablet friability test instruments are fully USP <1216> and EP <2.9.7> compliant
  • Fixed and variable rotation speed versions are available
  • Friability („Roche“) and abrasion drums available
  • Anti-static coating of drums available
  • Operation at 10° angle to test larger tablets is supported