Density-Volume-Surface Area (ΒΕΤ)

Density & Volume

Micromeritics offers four instruments with specific features for the determination of the density, volume and porosity of materilas.

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Accupyc II 1340
GeoPyc 1365
AutoPore V

 Surface Area-BET

Surface area and porosity are physical properties that impact the quality and character of solid phase materials. Materials with identical physical dimensions may exhibit entirely different performance profiles based on variations in the physical surface area of the two materials. Surface area measurement if an important analysis used in many industries, including catalysts, zeolites, MOFs, batteries, absorbents, artificial bone, pharmaceuticals, metal powders for additive manufacturing along with a wide variety of other applications and industries.

BET analysis provides precise specific surface area evaluation of materials by nitrogen adsorption measured as a function of relative pressure.

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3Flex Physisorption
ASAP 2020 Plus
ASAP 2420
ASAP 2460

FlowSorb III
Gemini VII 2390
TriStar II
TriStar II Plus